Cambodian Magic Mushrooms

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Buy Cambodian mushrooms for Sale Miami

Buy Cambodian mushrooms for Sale Miami Cambodia Cubensis was originally harvest by John Allen while in Cambodia filming some of the psilocybe mushrooms. Go on an unforgettable journey with the Cambodian mushroom. It’s not the strongest mushroom of all the mushrooms but it’s a great intense trip. This variety is the perfect kind of shrooms for growers who don´t have much experience with growing magic shrooms yet. It´s wery easy to cultivate and has relatively predictable yields.Cambodian strain is ideal for beginners, as it does not usually give problems, although its colonization is somewhat slow, always produces several productive crops. The Cambodian strain is considered to be a potent cubensis, delivering a very nice energetic high that tended to last quite a while. It’s not an extremely intense experience, just very energetic and lasts a long long time.  buy cambodian mushrooms Denver

Effects Cambodian magic mushrooms | Buy Cambodian mushrooms for Sale Miami

The Cambodian magic mushrooms give an effect and a trip that fits the wishes of an average user of magic mushrooms. You’ll  notice the power of tripping on magic mushrooms. The Cambodian mushroom is ideal as a stepping stone if you’ve already met the world of entheogenic resources once before. The Cambodian magic mushrooms gives beautiful visual effects. Colors that you get differently, sounds that sound different and often you have a different view of life during your trip. This may be that you come to the conclusion that a human being is just a collection of memories.

You can expect the following effects on a Cambodian mushroom trip: buy cambodian mushrooms

  • Colors that are experienced differently
  • Sounds and voices that come in differently
  • Losing the sense of time for a short time
  • Difficulty in correctly pronouncing sentences and words
  • Sometimes not realizing that you are standing, sitting or lying at that moment
  • A experiencing a new outlook on life

How to grow Psilocybe Cubensis Cambodian mushroom

  1. Take out the tupperware, remove the lid, wash it and save it for later
  2. Take out the bag, pour 2 fingers of water inside it and add a jet of hydrogen peroxide (Ideally place the bag inside another larger tupper to avoid spilling water)
  3. Cover the sides of the substrate tupper with tape or aluminum foil and put it inside the bag with water
  4. Check if the bag is straight and with the open side facing up
  5. Close the grow bag with the help of the clips
  6. Place all the culture kit in a warm place, at 75.2 or 79 ºF. (24 or 26º C.) where there is no direct light but residual light can reach it
  7. Spray water daily into the bag, not to the substrate, just to the walls of the bag
  8. Every day after spraying water it is good to ventilate, you can help yourself with a cardboard fan, shaking from the top of the bag. buy cambodian mushrooms

cambodian cubensis | Buy Cambodian mushrooms for Sale Miami

cambodian cubensis is another form  of magic mushroom which was Discovered near the famous Angkor Wat temple. Suitable for beginning cultivators, easy to cultivate and produces predictable yields.

  • Ideal temperature during colonization: 28 – 30 °C
  • Ideal temperature during cropping: 22 – 26 °C

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4 reviews for Cambodian Magic Mushrooms

  1. Stanley Lane

    the cambodian magic mushrooms are awesome

  2. Jonathan Hall

    I should start out by saying I’ve taking the trip to the outer world 38 times in the last 8 months due to the pandemic LOL and I had previously just eaten 10 grams only 4 days prior to this. They were transki mushrooms and they were incredible. 3 days later I thought I would just do a small amount just to improve the atmosphere , so I took 4 grams, 3 to start and then 1 gram about an hour later thinking that I must have some tolerance from the previous amount I just did…. Wow was I wrong….. Never have I been smacked in the face so goddamn hard!!!! I’ve done golden teacher before but this batch is killer absolute killer!!!!have fun😊😊😊😀😀😜

  3. Samuel Lawrence

    I ordered these because I’ve never seen anything like it, they are very strong with some nice visuals, will definitely try again

  4. George Burns

    Top notch. Hits fast and intense but mellows out in another 30mins and lasts a nice 4hrs…very nice!!

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